Why Do Special Occasions Make Us Vulnerable? Leave a comment

What is it about special occasions — holidays, weddings, birthdays, vacations — that invites eating well past the point of being full? how to bounce back — and how to prevent the next binge.


  • First, they provide a social license to binge because everyone’s doing it. Indulgence loves company.
  • Second, they provide opportunity:”You’re surrounded by foods like chocolate candy, panipuri, pizza, Frenchfries, burgers and exposure begets indulgence.
  • And third, they provide a festive feeling:“You think because it’s not something you usually do that it’s OK. You can compensate tomorrow.

Special occasions are part of a complex web of hobgoblins that ensnare us in spite of our good intentions. Stress, loneliness, boredom, and feelings of deprivation all contribute.
“Dieting for some people means skipping meals and getting overly hungry. That could cause a binge. You’ll crave the foods you’re leaving out.”Dnt try to ignore your cravings, which can lead to feelings of deprivation. Instead, manage them by enjoying bite-sized indulgences.
For example, you can satisfy a chocolate craving with a small piece of dark chocolate:

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