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The reason why our ancestors were much healthier than us, is that their lifestyle was very close to nature most of the time.
The new inventions are replacing our healthy and old techniques, somewhere that is adversely affecting our health.

Keeping water in Clay Pot (Matka) is one of the age-old practices, that is not just a traditional alternative to glass or other containers, but also a healthy and therapeutic choice to adopt.
Clay Pot water has numerous health benefits :

◾️Prevents Sun Stroke: Water kept in earthen pots contains minerals which helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance and cools down the body. Matka water balances the ‘Pitta’ Dosha in our body

◾️ Good for Throat: Fridge cooled water can badly affect your throat but clay pot water is always soothing even during the attack of cough and cold, one can consume Matka Water safely.

◾️ Alkaline Nature: When water comes in contact with clay it’s pH levels become slightly high towards alkalinity. This is the reason why drinking pot water helps in keeping acidity and stomach problems away. Also alkaline medium prevents cancer cell growth.

◾️ Eco-Friendly : By using clay pots (Matka) we are contributing a bit in maintaining the ecology of the earth. By this way we are helping our mother nature in reducing plastic waste.

◾️BPA- Free : Water in clay pots is completely chemical free, unlike plastic bottles which have BPA. This chemical BPA, which is the root cause of several health diseases like cancer & hormonal imbalance , also increases the chances of obesity.

◾️Have Healing Power : Clay is well stocked with minerals and electromagnetic energy of earth which heals our body and mind.

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