WINTERS – not an excuse for walking. Leave a comment


Here comes the time when we need to gear up ourselves. Summer is out now and as the winters arrive, there is variety of food available in the market to have in our daily menu. During winter, we tend to hibernate in our homes and avoid walking in the open air. But for a healthy lifestyle we need to balance our diet as well as physical activity. Now if we think of our lifestyle then it has become sedentary which is also pushing us to do walking on a routine basis. As far as our health is concerned, unknowingly, it gets poor due to the fact that we starts gulfing more food while sitting at home either watching television or doing work on laptop under our blanket. Being outdoor and getting some fresh air is good for your overall wellbeing. Walking in the cold burns more calories because your body has to work hard to stay warm. Once you start moving your body then it will release endorphins, which is feel good hormone and your blood starts pumping round your body, making you feel and look better. To make your walk harder increase the pace by taking longer strides swing your arms. Walking prevents constipation, arthritis, osteoporosis and improves efficiency of lungs and improves flexibility and posture. Cold air can allow our mind to be stress free which further helps in weight reduction by keeping cortisol (appetite causing hormone) levels in a normal range. Walking with a healthy food during winter keep you stick to the shape. When you continue walking throughout warm and cold weather then your muscles gets habitual of it and wont be troubling you when you will again go for your first warm weather walk. Walking during winters helps keep our bones or muscles stronger and active throughout our life. During cold weather our muscles tends to get stiff due to the lack of oxygen which is the consequence of not being physically active. Sticking with the usual exercise routine is one the best ways to gear up your energy levels in winters.


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