Mrs. Mini Aggarwal


Every girl wants to look best for her Marriage so, that’s what I do. I opted for Arogyam’s Wedding weight loss program as my concern was to reduce my inches to get fit in my dream outfits. …

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This program not only helped me in reducing weight and inches but also this came out to be a beauty program also for me, as the skin and hair texture got improved. I couldn’t even realize that I am on diet or anything, it felt like a normal routine food even much better than what I was eating before. Also, I’m thankful to Arogyam Team whose follow ups always kept me on edge. I feel so much positive, energetic and active all the time, my lifestyle has totally changed and I can totally feel the change. I’m entirely grateful to Dr. Richa who always motivated me and made me believe in myself. Thank You Dr. Richa, you made my day more special. I want to wish you good luck and keep doing the good work. Thanks again.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mrs. Mini Aggarwal | India
Weight Loss : 8 KG (Wedding Bells Program)

Ms. Sonia Angpal


I lost around 15 kg in just 3 months and won the battle of PCOS which is a very big milestone of my life. This program is definitely a Lifestyle Management program

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Polycystic ovarian Disease, or PCOS, is a medical condition in which a female’s levels of the reproductive hormones are out of balance due to enlarged ovaries. This leads to the growth of ovarian cysts (multiple cysts in ovaries). Nowadays PCOS seems prevalent in 1 out of 10 females due to unhealthy diet & poor lifestyle practices.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Ms. Sonia Angpal | Bhiwani, India
Weight Loss : 15 KG. (PCOS Program)

Mr. Sumit Mathur


Let me start by saying Thanks to Dr. Saurabh Mathur whose transformation inspired to approach Dr. Richa Garg. So, the visible difference (reached 158 kg to 122 kg in 6 months) …

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Diabetes (diabetes mellitus- Type 2) is classed as a metabolic disorder. The digested food when broken down into glucose finds its way into our blood. However, glucose needs it gate pass insulin to enter into the cells. As soon as the glucose enters cells, the blood-glucose level drops.

Type- 2 diabetic patient’s pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body doesn’t react properly to insulin.

Being overweight, physically inactive and eating the wrong foods all contribute to our risk of developing type 2 diabetes. As it is considered to be lifestyle disorder so can be controlled by right eating and exercising techniques with our expert guidance.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mr. Sumit Mathur | Jaipur, India
Weight Loss : 36 KG. (Diabetes Program)

Mrs. Rachna Goyal


I thought that I should write and express thanx to you and tell you about my recent Weight Loss success and its post effects. Within 6 months (April 2014 to September 2014) , I have been successfully

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able to keep 18 kg of baggage off. I am able to wear clothes that I thought would never touch my body again. I also have just reached my goal size for my upcoming brother’s wedding. Even my husband had to admit that I am looking much prettier than when he met me five years ago. My success has been contributed to faithfully following Arogyam Weight Management Program religiously every day. Wherever I go, so does my health plans. To work, shopping, even my long 7 hours long car rides (that does make for a lot of rest areas stops, but they are worth it.) I do treat myself to an occasional mineral water when I go out, but I have usually gotten my quota of water in for the day. Thanks for the rejuvenation and making me confident and beautiful!!!!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mrs. Rachna Goyal | India
Weight Loss : 18 KG. (Weight Loss Program)

Dr. Ajay Mundra

A renowned Radiologist Dr. Ajay Mundra From Kurukshetra , Haryana, Lost 18.4 kg in 4 months. A TRUE example of hard work dedication and submission. Followed the program religiously and adopting all thprovided tips

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and lifestyle changes.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Dr. Ajay Mundra | India
Weight Loss : 18.4 KG (Weight Loss Program)

Mrs. Satwinder Kaur


Its an opportunity to introduce one of our precious gems Mrs Satvinder Kaur, age 45 yrs hailing from a small town Faridkot, Punjab. A very happy person at heart ..

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Always Smiling and Charged up Encouraging herself to do the best and standing like a pillar in managing the hospital of her Medico husband. Despite of having Hypothyroidism and Abdominal Hernia, joined AROGYAM for a Weight Loss journey . Her weight loss journey was also not easy because of the above mentioned Medical Issues. At times she too was demotivated in between but under the continuous guidance , supervision of of TEAM AROGYAM round the clock, monitoring her progress and ensuring her comfortable with everything in the journey. Gradually reduce 20 kg in six months. with dedication of workout and controlling bad food habits and wholeheartedly following our program. She also now adopted exercises and proper healthy diet as a part of life.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mrs. Satwinder Kaur | India
Weight Loss : 20 KG (Weight Loss Program)

Mrs. Asha Jain


I am a Diabetic patient since past 10 years and was taking insulin regularly. Being a Diabetic patient, my health was affecting because of this and Firstly my sugar targeted my Kidneys.

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All the blood parameters were out of range. So, my friend suggested me to manage this problem with the help of Arogyam Nutrition. I joined Arogyam Nutrition before 2 months and within just 2 months I stopped taking insulin completely. Yes ! Its like a miracle happened in my life. Not only Insulin, they helped me to manage my Uric Acid and Creatinine levels. I always believe that, If now now, then when, If not me, then who ? ,I am really happy that I took step in the initial stage and now everything is under control.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mrs. Asha Jain | Delhi, India
Weight Loss : 6 KG (Therapeutic Diet Program)

Mrs. Chanda Gupta


I am maintaining my weight from 2013. Joined Arogyam on 13 July 2012 at 69 kg of weight. In a span of 6 months lost 18 kg. The only fear was that my weight should not bounce.

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Completed the program on 12 Feb 2013 on a weight of 51 kg. Like after victory over a certain disease, we have to definitely adopt its preventive measures in our lifestyles or else disease will reoccur. Nothing is permanent on this earth, so weight can be maintained permanently only when we will practice healthy eating. This is an answer to all those who has fear of regaining. Practice healthy eating and live long, well and happily. Thanks to Team Arogyam Nutrition and Gushneet Mam.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mrs. Chanda Gupta | India
Weight Loss : 18 KG. (Weight Maintenance Program)

Mr. Gaurav Garg


In spite of having Hypothyroidism, I have successfully transformed my body into a totally new one. Arogyam Nutrition has helped me in achieving my dream body.

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I am really thank full to Arogyam Nutrition Team. 

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mr. Gaurav Garg | India
Weight Loss : 8 KG. (Hypothyroidism Program)

Mrs. Renu Sharma


It’s easy with Arogyam Nutrition to feel overwhelmed by pregnancy nutrition advice. Their customized diet chart will make sure you’re getting the nutrients according to you and your baby’s need.

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Dr Richa Garg just made my journey more beautiful and easy. Now I am blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby. Thank you !!

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mrs. Renu Sharma | Nashik, India
(Pragnancy Health Program)

Mr. Sumit Mittal


Had a nice experience and transformation of shedding 9 kgs in just 80 days. The Arogyam team is really wonderful and did a great job in achieving my goals.

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I’m still on the way to achieve final goals .

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mr. Sumit Mittal | India
Weight Loss : 9 KG. (Weight Loss Program)

Mrs. Camay Grover


After marriage I was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance. I had to visit doctor every week for treatment due to which I gained 15 kgs. It was the most stressful time of my life,

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then I came through Arogyam Nutrition. I feel very thankful to Dr. Gushneet who really came in my life as a well wisher who not only helped me to reduce my weight but that too with yummy and interesting delicacies. Today I have reduced 10 kg weight that too with eating a lot. Thanks to the team and Dr. Gushneet for reforming my life, today i feel healthy and a lot energetic and believe me I had not visited any doctor once I started my plan as my hormones are balanced and i am more fit as never before. Thank you so much.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mrs. Camay Grover | Punjab
Weight Loss : 10 KG. (Weight Loss + PCOS Program)

Mr. Harpreet Singh


I was always thinking that Losing weight is not my thing. same words I used to say to my friends family and relatives We are too scared of b get stepping out of our comfort zones.

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I remember telling myself that it’s ok to be chubby, I love to eat, I will start exercising tomorrow. This attitude finally made me 106.7 kg till 4th July 19 heavier and posed serious health risks. I met with ditician at delhi named Aroygam nutrition, went there. I started diet course of 3 months now I am reached at 91.5 kg due to this course. I am marketing professional means, hectic ttouring job that’s why I can’t follow the 100% diet plan but after 4:months I reduced my self 15 kg . All credit goes to Pallavi mam, Dr Richa and Ms Sarika of Aroyagam nutrition . Now my life so light and feel good as now I am 10 years younger than my age. Thanks to my family members, office personalls and friends who always motivate me during this course.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mr. Harpreet Singh Bhatia | Hisar
Weight Loss : 15.2 KG. (Healthy Heart/Lipid Program)

Mr. Rajiv Chawla

Mr. Rajiv Chawla

“Fitness is a new trend.” Here Mr. Rajiv Chawla at the age of 50 yr , followed the trend and chose to be fit and healthy future. He lost approx 6 kg and rejuvenated himself.

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Do not just look for the numbers on scale. Inch loss along with a healthy mind and body speaks a lot about your diet. Follow the trend…

Fitness Transformation

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mr. Rajiv Chawla | New Delhi
Weight Loss : 6 KG. (Weight Loss Program)

Mr. Tarun Goel

Mr. Tarun Goel_image

Our star achiever Mr. Tarun Goel encouraging today’s youth by transforming himself at the age of 51 yr.

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He had deranged kidney function test and Hypertension ( high blood pressure).
Knowing and having awareness of the complications of these medical issues along with obesity, he decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle to control these from his life almost 6 months back.
Instead of popping up pills, he did it by following our well Balanced diet plans and lifestyle guidelines.
A healthy and well balanced diet can do wonders for you. The present turbulent waves of pandemic has forced people to remember the old saying JAAN HAI TO JAHAAN HAI.
So it’s absolutely correct that your health is the topmost priority

|| Weight loss (17 kg in 180 days) ||
|| Lifestyle Transformation ||
|| Normalise Creatinine levels ||
|| Managed Blood pressure ||
|| Healthy Eating habits ||
|| Inch Loss ||

👨‍💼LIFESTYLE : He is a businessman with an erratic schedule.

✔️SUCCESS MANTRA : A healthy body is not about being slim, it’s about being Fitter than yesterday and Disease free.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.

Mr. Tarun Goel | New Delhi
Weight Loss : 17 KG. (Weight Loss Program)