Is lauki subji is in your dislike list!
Finding vegetable markets loaded with Lauki( bottle gourd) everywhere ?

But this vegetable is on the top list in Ayurvedic text due to it’s properties, also have a high rating in Nutrition science due to it’s high nutritional value.

There’s a reason that the seemingly boring lauki or bottle gourd was a hit with our mothers and grandmothers.
Here are a some valid reasons to include this vegetable in the routine diet-

1. Keeps the body Cool:– Due to its higher water content, It hydrates our body, keeps stomach cool and reduces body heat or ‘pitta’.
2. Aids in weight loss:- Bottle gourd is loaded with Iron, Vitamins and Potassium and its high fibre content helps in weight loss. This humble vegetable is very low in calories. 100 gm of lauki has only 15 kcal.
3. Eases an upset stomach:– Loaded with fiber and alkalinity, the bottle gourd makes the digestive system light and active.
4.Helps treat UTI:- Bottle gourd has a property of diuretic in nature. This means it increases the urinating frequency which helps flushing the harmful bacteria and toxins from the body.
5. Keeps heart healthy:- Consuming lauki juice twice or thrice in a week, will support in maintaining a healthy heart and will also regulate blood pressure, but make sure the vegetable should be organically grown.
6.Alkalizing body:- All green veggies are alkalinizing in nature. Pumpkin, Ghiya, Tori & Tinda etc are on the top of the list. Alkaline medium does not support the cancer cell growth.

These are the major benefits described, but it has many other healthy effects on our body which proves it’s superiority. One thing to note down is to get maximum benefits we must consume organic produce.

As lauki subji is not in your hit list, so for you there are other ways to eat lauki. You can include below given dishes in your menu card….

  • Lauki Juice.
  • Lauki Raita.
  • Lauki soup
  • Lauki Bhartha
  • Lauki Roti
  • Lauki Kofta.
  • Lauki Khichri
  • Lauki Pulav
  • Lauki is also used to prepare some desserts like kheer, halwa and burfi etc.
    It’s so versatile in taste (sweet / savoury both) and its benefits that one should not miss this gift of nature.

Lauki roti is one of the ways which will not give you exactly the taste of Lauki. Here I am giving you the recipe of Lauki Roti from my Kitchen.

Ingredients : 

Whole wheat flour -one cup
Grated lauki – one cup
Method- in a deep and large bowl mix equal amount of lauki and wheat flour and knead the flour. There is no need to add any water.
Knead the dough a little tough as in some time lauki will release some more water and dough may become loose.
Use this dough after 10 min to make roti.

Check out the video recipe of Ghiya roti here :

This one roti (approx. of 35 gm after cooking) has only 60 calories.
Try this out and share your comments.


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