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Eat Right, Eat Light and Stay Energised

The dynamic of fasting

“we fast not to please the divine, But to detoxify our body”

According to ayurveda fasting redirects our digestive fire to burn out toxins to bring activeness in body. When body is cleansed, the mind becomes calmer and more peaceful because of the deep connection between body and mind.

Fasting during Navratri is an ideal way to detox the body, enhance digestion and increase positivity. Many of us fast incorrectly which disturbs the balance in our body.

Here is the complete guide to observe fasting in a healthy way.


  1. Avoid deep-fried snacks like pakode and poori etc.
  2. Avoid readymade / commercial sweets as they are loaded with food colours, flavours and preservatives etc.
  3. Avoid commercially prepared chips, vrat namkeen and other snacks as they are cooked in refined oil.
  4. Avoid Navratri Thalis at restaurants. They are cooked in inflammatory oils. The pooris and pakodis are cooked in the same oil repeatedly which gets oxidized and turns into trans-fats, which is the root cause of inflammation.
  5. Avoid frequent intake of tea, coffee as they are highly acidic in nature if consumed in One or two cups of light tea/coffee are safe to have in a day.
  6. Avoid large gaps between Eat at every 3 hours interval but a small portion.
  7. Avoid feasting and overeating during breaking of fast.
  8. Try to limit your salt intake to one But If have any medical condition like low Blood Pressure, then take salt more oftenly.

Note: If you have any medical condition.


  1. Maintain Hydration: Keep sipping plain water in between. The common mistake on fasting days is not to have enough fluid which makes you acidic, low in energy, gives headache and so on.

You can also have –

    • Fresh fruit infused water like pineapple, kiwi etc.
    • Fresh vegetable infused water like beetroot, cucumber, lemon, etc.
    • Herb infused like mint leaves, tulsi leaves, sweet basil leaves, ajwain leaves, ajwain leaves infused.
    • Thin chhach / buttermilk / dahi ki lassi-prefer without Salt.
    • Lemon water
    • Coconut water – The best energy drink.
    • Ghiya Juice/ diluted amla juice/ white pumpkin juice – prefer Organic Vegetables.
  1. Replace all time favourite potato vegetable with other light vegetables like lauki, pumpkin, raw banana, raw papaya, colocacia etc.
  2. Include 5 gm chia seeds (soaked) as a part of your fasting diet. Take it in curd / lassi/ lemon water or coconut water. It has good amount of fiber to fill up the stomach, also a good source of omega.
  3. Include fresh fruits as a part of one meal at least either breakfast or lunch.
  1. Whenever you feel hungry or feel like to munch on, choose healthy options only like-
    • Soaked or roasted nuts & seeds
    • Dry fruits ladoo
    • Roasted makhana
    • Fresh coconut piece
    • Roasted Peanuts
    • Rajgira chikki
  1. Compliment your fasting with moderate physical activity like walk, yoga and light mat exercises along with pranayam to maximize the detox process
  2. Focus on eating protein in the form of milk, curd, paneer, whey protein, nuts and seeds, as pulses and non veg can not be a part of this diet.
  3. Maintain sleep and wake up cycle which is important for good metabolism.
  4. Practice healthy cooking methods like boiling, steaming, roasting and baking instead of deep-frying.
  5. Break your fast with a light Avoid heavy meals as it may disturb digestion.
  6. Find a fasting partner who will help in maintaining a control on your guilt trip.
  7. You can also practice intermittent fasting but try to follow circadian rythm (avoid eating after sunset and start your day with sunrise).
  8. Pre-preparation for fasting days is very important step to be followed to avoid Make a list of groceries for shopping, clean and roast nuts makhanas etc. Prepare vrat namkeen at home. Set your kitchen for your special occasion.

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