Diet Wala Dahi Bhalla | दही भल्लाBy Dr.Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla is a popular snack in North India, particularly in Delhi and Punjab. Here, we have come up with a non-fried version of the traditional style of dahi bhalla preparation! Dahi bhalla is a delicious and chatpata snack that’s famous all over India! Be it street food or high-end restaurants, if there is a menu for chaats, then you will definitely find Dahi vada in the list. To get the authentic taste, we recommend following the recipe thoroughly, but you can always make slight changes in the toppings & spices! For instance, add some shredded beetroot in place of pomegranate or use both as a topping! Our version of the Dahi Bhalla recipe comes with much lower calories and better nutrient content!Check out the recipe description for Non-fried Dahi Bhalla to get the list of ingredients and a video for step-by-step cooking instructions . Here's a recipe for preparing this delicious & soft Dahi Bhalla.